Tuesday, 26 September 2017

NHK world, France 24, DW TV, Luxe HD, PPTV, TVC News, TVC Entertainment are free on Abs 3A @ 3 degree west.

  Seven new television channels owned by Nigeria based TSTV have resumed transmission on Abs 3A @ 3 degree west Ku band, Africa beam with 60cm/90cm dish on frequency 12529 V 36000. The channels include the following:
* TVC News
* TVC Entertainment
* NHK world Japan
* France 24 English
* DW TV Germany
* Luxe HD
       Famous 24/7 Sports television channel ( KWESE SPORTS) owned by Africa communication company, Econet wireless has resumed transmission on Multi TV position, Astra 2f  @ 28.2 degree East Ku band, Africa beam with frequency 11595 V 30000. If your dish is facing that position, kindly run a blindsan on your receiver to access the channel.

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