Monday, 6 November 2017

TVC Entertainment, Dubai 1, France 24 , Champion TV Xtra, Emmanuel TV are free on Nicomsat 42 East, Yamal 55 East, Abs 3A @ 3 degree west.

   Two new television channels have resumed transmission on Nigeria owned Nicomsat 1R @ 42 degree East Ku band with, Africa beam with frequency 12518 H 29500. The channels include:
* TVC Entertainment
* Emmanuel TV
     In the same way, some additional channels have resumed transmission on Nigeria based TSTV package on Abs 3A @ 3 degree west Ku band, Africa beam with frequency 11088 H 30000. Some of the channels include:
* France 24
* Dubai 1
* Emmanuel TV
    Finally, a new television channel have resumed transmission Ghana based Champion TV package on Yamal 402 @ 54.9 degree East Ku band, Sub Sahara Africa beam with frequency 11008 H 05000. The channel include:
* Champion TV Xtra. 

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