Saturday, 24 March 2018

Rave TV is free on Multi TV position (Astra 2f @ 28.2 East)

 An entertainment television channel ( Rave TV) broadcasting from Nigeria is free on Dexterity television package on Multi TV position, Astra 2f @ 28.2 East with frequency 11635 H 29976.
  Meanwhile, some frequencies were with no signal yesterday on Multi TV position due to operator technical problem. If you are experiencing or experienced the same problem, please don't move your dish. The fault is not from your dish, rather the satellite operator technical error.
   More so, Daily TV have stop transmission on Volta TV position. Mercy TV have resumed transmission on Volta TV position, Badr 7 @ 26.2 East Ku band.
    Play television package are still free on Multi TV position, Astra 2f @ 28.2 degree East Ku band Africa beam with frequency 12564 H 30000. Dish requirement is 60cm/90cm. The channels are :
* Color International
* Fashion Box
* KBS world
* Tribute TV
* Wap TV
* Aljazeera
* TVC News
* Rishey TV
* 1Comedy
* FilmBox
* FB Art house
* Azurfa
* Yoruba TV
* Mount Zion TV
* Irawo TV
* 1Music
* Tiwa n Tiwa
* 360 TuneBox
* Aforevo TV
* Fast n funBox
* Fight Box
* Game toon
* Fix n Foxi
* Silverbird
* Dove TV
* TVC Entertainment
*  Docu Box
* X2D etc.
 * Dots TV
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