Tuesday, 29 May 2018

New Frontiers TV, Shilo TV, Gloire TV, Miracle TV have resumed transmission on TSTV package.

    Three new television channels have resumed transmission on TSTV package on Abs 3A @ 3 degree west, Africa beam with frequency 10972 V 30000 . The channels include the following:
* New Frontiers TV
* Shilo TV
* Gloire TV
      In the same way, EMCI TV has resumed transmission on Eutelsat 16 @ 16 degree East Ku band Africa beam with frequency 10804 H 30000. Similarly, Miracle TV have resumed transmission on Intelsat 37e @ 18 degree west C band with frequency 3696 L 9165.
  About 30 Pay TV channels owned by Zambia based Muvi TV package are free again on Eutelsat 7B @ 7 degree East Ku band, Africa beam with frequency 10928 H 30000. Dish size is 90cm. Some of the channels on this package include the following:
* Fox Sports 1
* Fox Sports 2
* MBC 2
* MBC Action
* MBC Max
* MBC + power
* MBC 4
* Muvi Nymbo
* Bet Africa
* Fox Africa
* Aljazeera
* Muvi Africa
* Africa Unit TV
* Emmanuel TV
* Nat Geo wild
* Jim jam
* Boing TV
* Nat Geo gold
* Muvi Novela etc.
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