Saturday, 28 October 2017

Abs TV Uganda, TVE Tanzania, D Classic, Travel Channel, Channels 24, Vintage TV are free on Eutelsat 10A @ 10 degree East and Abs 2 @ 75 degree East.

   Tanzania based TVE has resumed transmission on Abs 2 @ 75 degree East C band with frequency 4005 H 4000. In the same way, Uganda based television channel, Abs TV has resumed transmission on Eutelsat 10A @ 10 degree East C band with frequency 3767 R 8475.
    For those in Europe, three television channels owned by Sky television package are free on Astra 2G/F @ 28.2 degree East Ku band Europe beam with frequency 11598 V 22000. The channels include the following:
* Vintage TV
* Channels 24
* Travel TV.
   Finally, a new television channel named D classic had resumed transmission on Eutelsat 8 @ 8 degree East Ku band, Middle East/ North Africa beam with frequency 12603 H 27500. In addition, Ghana based MegaChoice television package has stop transmission on Eutelsat 16A @ 16 degree East Ku band Africa beam. The reasons for the off in signal is not known right now as Century Sat contacted the Company via email but the company is yet to  response to our mail.

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