Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Bambasa Classic, Bambasa comedy, Aljazeera, RT News, Justice TV, TBN, Smile TV, Bambassa Sports, Shine TV, Kass TV, Peace TV, KTN Needs, KTN Kenya are temporary free on Eutelsat 70B @ 70.5 degree East.

    About 25 television channels owned by Kenya based Bambasa television package are temporary free on Eutelsat 70B @ 70.5 degree East Ku band, East Africa beam with frequency 11094 V 15500. The channels include the following:
* Aljazeera
* Russia Today
* Peace TV
* Bambasa Classic
* Bambasa comedy
* Bambasa Sports
* Justice TV
* Smile TV
* KTN Kenya
* KTN News
* Kiss TV
* Shine TV
* Kass TV
    Finally, Fashion TV, Luxe TV are free on Eutelsat 9B @ 9 degree East Ku band, global beam with frequency 11919 V 27500. One TV, Nay TV have stop transmission on Multi TV position, Astra 2f @ 28.2 degree East Ku band, Africa beam.

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